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“Kérastase doesn’t just wash hair, they bathe it. They don’t just treat hair, they transform it. They don’t just smooth frizz, they unleash possibilities. Because it’s more than hair, it’s you.”

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Kérastase has a care-first philosophy with a focus on creating the ultimate hair care solutions for all types of beauty, cultures, visions, and of course hair.

Here are a few reasons Salon Estilo in Bend, Oregon loves Kérastase:

  • Kérastase is prescriptive, meaning that you choose your regimen based on your primary concern, like skincare. They invented care for hair in 1964 revolutionizing the industry at a time when it was purely about hygiene.

  • Kérastase is #1 in luxury hair care worldwide.

  • Kérastase is L’Oréal’s crown jewel, they have vast resources to research and develop the very best products to deliver the very best results.